Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slave the Rhythm -- RADIO LINES mp3 and setlist!!

Prepare to get lost in DJ Goutroy's immense Minimal Synth/Darwave/Post Punk record collection!

This show highlighted some of the music you will hear tomorrow at my party RADIO LINES!

Please stop down and dance. paint yr nails black and support pirate radio!



Goutroy (Ceremony)
Josh Cheon (W.A.R.)

a night of Minimal Wave / Synthpop / Darkwave / EBM / New Beat

$3 - all proceeds benefit W.A.R.

at Etiquette Lounge - 1108 Market St at 7th St, San Francisco

Click here for the RADIO LINES MIX by DJ GOUTROY recorded live on 9-24-08


android - listen to the sky (private)
transparent illusion - demented (vex)
diseno corbusier - meta metalic (auxilo de cientos)
shoc corridor - on reflexion (shout)
blair petrie - the cold and the dark part III (obfuscate perimeter)
spector protector - future eyes (dutchess archives)
gelatinous citizen - rhythm of industry (gelationous)
blue matheu - in our dream (uniton)
persons unknown - addiction
ha ha mono - run for miles (lash-up)
i am so hollow - dreams to fill the vaccuum (hollogram)
asylum party - misfortune (lively art)
the essence - nothing (midnight music)
cinema 90 - in ultra-violet (engram)
steve zucker - walk walk away (first cut)
winston tong w/ tuxedomoon - stranger (time release)
the last sacrifice - bleeding words (private)
insulin reaction - secrets (bobok)
störung - europe calls (minimal wave)
JOSH CHEON takes over
opera multi steel - autres apples (vinyl-on-demand)
devoted symbols - pulses (minimal maximal)
wumpscut - don't go (eighty 64c remix)
richard bone - scam (orlandomaniac)
television set - future today (genetic)
mvcslz - a fantasy, a possiblity (awthum)
my bloody valentine - sue is fine (creation)
pink floyd - remember a day (harvest)
pink floyd - paintbox (harvest)

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