Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slave to the Rhythm gets EVICTED!

well thanks to my slumlord JOHANNA SAINEZ i was forced to leave my apartment of the past 1.5 years on septmeber 1st. this show is a collection of moods from rage to sadness to moving on! enjoy!

listen here:

Slave to the Rhythm gets EVICTED! 8-28-08
grace jones - bullshit (island)
rhetta hughes - crisis (aria)
yaz - situation (mute)
poussez! - don't stop keep moving (vanguard)
babytalk - keep .. (stickydisc)
sons foxy - hot situation theme (myspace)
MIC BREAK - red skelton conducts (liberty)
gwen guthrie - ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent (polydor)
detroit emeralds - i've got to move (westbound)
neil young - the rent is always due (elektra)
beatles - she's leaving home (apple)
mirah with the black cat orchestra - dear landlord (yoyo)
patsy cline - if you've got leavin' on yr mind (mca)
smog - let's move to the country (drag city)
do make think say - the landlord is dead (constellation)
MIC BREAK - red skelton conducts (liberty)
rammellzee - pay the rent (gomma)
siouxsie & the banshees - tenant (polydor)
soft cell - frustration (some bizzare)
depeche mode - leave in silence (mute)
mussolini headkick - get out (world domination)
dead kennedys - let's lynch the landlord (alternative tentacles)
pavement - range life (matador)
roxy music - in every dream home a heartache (island)
troubles - moving homes (myspace)
magnetic fields - you're my only home (merge)
crosby, stills, nash & young - our house (atlantic)
MIC BREAK - red skelton conducts (liberty)


comradical said...

Josh to the Rhythm! your blog came up on a google search for Johanna Sainez. i'm in a similar situation with her, actually going to court. email me to commiserate and/or strategize - ashirey_sf(at)yahoo

Daniel said...

I was also using google to find Johanna Sainez. That is the WORST family I have ever known. We are currently having problems with lead paint in our building. I hate them! They really are the worst!

more said...

me too! wow. anyone looking to chat or join forces, email me at my yahoo address:
my roommates and i are taking her to court soon.

Sarah said...

!! I also googled Johanna Sainez and this site came up. We are about to sue her for a return of security deposit. She mailed a letter detailing the enclosed check and the itemized deductions... only there was no check. It's now April 2010 - Anyone else having trouble currently?