Monday, November 03, 2008

Slave to the Rhythm does Halloween!

Well its a few days late but HERE is my Halloween themed show... Fitting for a rainy day or full moon watching night....


big black - dead billy (touch and go)
minimal man - two little skeletons (cd presents ltd)
nash the slash - swing shift (ralph)
christian death - dogs (bemisbrain)
switchblade symphony - mine eyes (index productions)
siouxsie & the banshees - nightshift (polydor)
cocteau twins - wax and wane (4ad)
whodini - haunted house of rock (vocoder) (jive)
MIC BREAK - dilemma - dracula (wdsp)
skinny puppy - glass houses (nettwerk)
john carpenter - christine pt 2 (zyx)
specimen - kiss kiss bang bang (sire)
q lazzarus - goodbye horses (reprise)
ministry - effigy (arista)
bollock brothers - reincarnation of (charly)
patrick d martin - luci goes electric (space disco craftworx)
anne clark - our darkness (ink)
the cure - 100 years (fiction)
virgin prunes - baby turns blue (rough trade)
tones on tail - christian says (beggars banquet)
MIC BREAK - dilemma - dracula (wdsp)
the vyllies - whispers in the shadow (out of tune)
nosferatu - wiccaman (cleopatra)
bauhaus - silent hedges (4ad)
x-mal deutschland - young men (4ad)
this mortal coil - 16 days/gathering dust (4ad)
xymox - muscoviet musquito (sweatbox)
b-movie - marilyn dreams (wax)
sisters of mercy - alice (merciful)
alien sex fiend - now i'm feeling zombiefied (anagram)
comateens - the munsters (cachalot)
the sonics - the witch (norton)
MIC BREAK - mia farrow - rosemary's baby main title (dot)

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