Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dark Entires + Warm Leatherette on Pirate Cat Radio

a radio show on Pirate Cat featuring Dark Entries + Warm Leatherette DJs!


Nihar (Warm Leatherette) :

Private Entertainment “The Dream”
Pyrolator - “Bacano, Brothercito!”
Executive Slacks – “The Bus”
Bene Gesserit “Broken Toy”
Front 242 - “Controversy Between”
Les Visiteurs Du Soir “Je T'ecris D'un Pays”
Bal Pare – “La Vie”
Xeno and Oaklander - “4th Wall”
The Wirschaftswunder – “Erste Hilfe”
New Shiny Things - “Crayola Psychosis”
Robert Gorl - “Darling Don't Leave Me”
Moderne “L'Homme d'Affairs”

Josh (Dark Entries) :

Dark Day - Nudes in the Forest
Shortwave Mystery - Separate Divisions
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees
Borghesia - On
E-Man - De Du Da Da Di
Leaetherstrip - Don't Leave Me
Starter - Part of You
Second Decay - Enclose My Heart
Eleven Pond - Portugal
Zwischenfall - Tausend Jahre
Death Domain - Ethidium Bromide

Bedroom Sessions - Valentines Day Radio Show!

st valentine stopped by bedroom sessions and gave us the love bug.
featuring specialized track selections by DJs Sneakerheels, Hummus and Semi
tune in and hear us divulge our first kiss, first love, turn offs and a game of word association!

download HERE:

Bedroom Sessions - Valentines Day 2-14-2010
lindstrom & christabelle - love struck
lou reed - satellite of love
ray charles - i've got a woman
MIC BREAK - love of life orchestra - another heartbreak
kelley clarkson - since you've been gone
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
daft punk - something about us
the sisters love - gimme your love
MIC BREAK - the sisters love - my love is yours
the ramones - i wanna be your boyfriend
the shangri-las - give him a great big kiss
solange knowles - stillness is the move
sylvester - i need somebody to love tonight
ok go - there's a fire
the beatles - girl
MIC BREAK - the beatles - this boy
hall & oates - kiss on my list
contrast - love fantasy
le tigre - eau d'bedroom dancing
the undisputed truth - love and happiness
toro y moi - blessa
marie queenie lyons - you used me
MIC BREAK - marie queenie lyons - your thing ain't no good without my thing
arcade fire - crown of love
mad about the boy - its nice to have a man around the house
a flock of seagulls - i ran
barbra streisand - lover come back to me
oxford collapse - molasses
stevie wonder - part time lover
irma thomas - ruler of my heart