Friday, April 25, 2008

Slave to the WAVE!

well this might have been one of my favorite solo shows..the music speaks for itself.. i could have done another 3 hours but i'll save that for the West Add Radio benefit show next Tuesday, April 29th at the Knockout! stop by and bring me a pan au chocolate!

download the mp3 HERE!:

Slave to the WAVE!! 4-23-08

grace jones - art groupie (island)
ruth - mots - (born bad)
ruth - roman-polaroid-photo (born bad)
the actor - picture 210 (trumpett)
pankow - god's deneuve (kindergarten)
mi-sex - computer games (epic)
oppenheimer analysis - cold war (minimal wave)
nightmoves - transdance (copilote)
MIC BREAK jacno - rectangle (celluloid)
vitor hublot - aller simple (born bad)
elli & jacno - mad affair (celluloid)
storung - europe calls (minimal wave)
grauzone - eisbar (zandra)
casino music - viol af ois (born bad)
gilded youth - please dont kiss (anna logue)
the neon judgement - the fashion party (play it again sam)
za za - zauberstaub (international dj gigolo)
belaboris - yo vanhassa talossa (femme fatale)
kiene ahnung - plastik (international dj gigolo)
a blaze color - cold as ever (plurex)
MIC BREAK - visible - essor assure (born bad)
linear movement - the game (minimal wave)
bene gesserit - ivanovitch (wdsp)
premiere classe - poupee flesh (wea)
mary moor - pretty day (born bad)
chrisma - black silk stocking (polydor)
deux - game and performance (born bad)
nini raviolette - indicateur ou dragueur (poutre apparente)
guerre froide - ersatz (born bad)
kosmonautentraum - stolze menschen (monitorpop)
plastics - diamond head (island)
polyphonic size - mother's little helper (antler-subway)
grylurnar - sisi (hot ice)
fanzine - el reposo del gato (mutant sounds)
MIC BREAK mathematiques modernes - disco rough (celluloid)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Seven Deadly Inches!

what an intense show! thanks to the actual shortness of the 7 inch format i was kept on my toes! please enjoy my abbreviated 7" collection in san francisco! 45 rpm only!

download HERE!

grace jones - pull up to the bumper (island)
arabesque - friday night (emi)
the fatback band - do the bus stop (event)
ecstasy, passion & pain - i wouldn't give you up (roulette)
executive suite - when the fuel runs out (babylon)
jackie moore - this time baby (columbia)
divine - the name game (wax trax)
the make-up - free arthur lee (k)
allumettes - mustapha (rca)
MIC BREAK quincy jones - poppy girls (motown)
finally punk - penguin (self released)
kleenex - hedi's head (rough trade)
the blue minkies - you make me blush (no concessions)
ruth - mescalito (poutre apparente)
lcd soundsystem - no love lost (emi)
erase errata - cat and canary (inconvenient press)
model citizens - shift the blame (spy)
foot village - i destroyed everything (rock is hell)
kit - seychelles (nfjm)
the slits - in the beginning there was rhythm (y)
maximum joy - man of tribes (garage)
MIC BREAK orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - i betray my friends (din disc)
front 242 - u-men (new version) (wax trax)
the cure - the holy hour (peel session 1981)
tones on tail - twist 33rpm (beggars banquet)
the drowning craze - damp bones (situation 2)
the creatures - sad cunt (sioux)
minx/zimmerman - dance (feedback)
the two - love is not enough (demo version) (anna logue)
jeremy jay - we were there (k)
design - fashion & seduction (anna logue)
the flying lizards - move on up (virgin)
philippe & phluffie - daisy may (kernkrach)
voice farm - elevate (alternative tentacles )
poeme electronique - voices (anna logue)
MIC BREAK fabulous diamonds - 2:54 (nervous jerk)
ronnie cook & the gaylords - goo goo muck (norton)
nervous norvus - dig (dot)
vashi - some things just stick in your mind (di christina)
miss abrams & the strawberry point school 3rd grade class - mill valley (reprise)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tranny Pirate Radio!

Thanks to Jeffrey Sfire for some gay tranny pirate radio!! In case you missed his dream, catch up here:


grace jones - private life (dub) (island)
tara cross - pk15 (permis de construire)
drinking electricity - discord dance (survival)
nine circles - what's there left (primary)
snowy red - breakdown (84 version) (antler)
sensitive - driving (gong)
dark day - hands in the dark (lust/unlust)
boris policeband - tow away (soul jazz)
dark day - nudes in forest (soul jazz)
steel mind - boss man (r.s.)
bazooka - alive (hiss)
MIC BREAK - roy finch - caribou rain (palace of lights)
meo - monday's coma (base)
blue night - turn me loose (mtm privacy)
filippini - listen to your heart (out)
tommy kelvin - jungle bow wow (harmony)
jolie - cheri (instrumental) (10+)
clock on 5 - fanfare (discomagic)
the splash band - das philadephia experiment (zyx)
alphaville - the nelson highrise (sector one: the elevator) (wea)
flexx - theme from deep (gong)
MIC BREAK - clock on 5 - theme from furyo (discomagic)

also wanted to share a radio show that the Honey Soundsystem boys and i did at KALX on march 22, 2008 with Sergio Audio!

mp3 HERE
and setlist HERE