Friday, April 25, 2008

Slave to the WAVE!

well this might have been one of my favorite solo shows..the music speaks for itself.. i could have done another 3 hours but i'll save that for the West Add Radio benefit show next Tuesday, April 29th at the Knockout! stop by and bring me a pan au chocolate!

download the mp3 HERE!:

Slave to the WAVE!! 4-23-08

grace jones - art groupie (island)
ruth - mots - (born bad)
ruth - roman-polaroid-photo (born bad)
the actor - picture 210 (trumpett)
pankow - god's deneuve (kindergarten)
mi-sex - computer games (epic)
oppenheimer analysis - cold war (minimal wave)
nightmoves - transdance (copilote)
MIC BREAK jacno - rectangle (celluloid)
vitor hublot - aller simple (born bad)
elli & jacno - mad affair (celluloid)
storung - europe calls (minimal wave)
grauzone - eisbar (zandra)
casino music - viol af ois (born bad)
gilded youth - please dont kiss (anna logue)
the neon judgement - the fashion party (play it again sam)
za za - zauberstaub (international dj gigolo)
belaboris - yo vanhassa talossa (femme fatale)
kiene ahnung - plastik (international dj gigolo)
a blaze color - cold as ever (plurex)
MIC BREAK - visible - essor assure (born bad)
linear movement - the game (minimal wave)
bene gesserit - ivanovitch (wdsp)
premiere classe - poupee flesh (wea)
mary moor - pretty day (born bad)
chrisma - black silk stocking (polydor)
deux - game and performance (born bad)
nini raviolette - indicateur ou dragueur (poutre apparente)
guerre froide - ersatz (born bad)
kosmonautentraum - stolze menschen (monitorpop)
plastics - diamond head (island)
polyphonic size - mother's little helper (antler-subway)
grylurnar - sisi (hot ice)
fanzine - el reposo del gato (mutant sounds)
MIC BREAK mathematiques modernes - disco rough (celluloid)

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