Friday, July 27, 2007


well here is this week's arabian nights show! thing is until i figure out how to edit the mp3 you need to fast forward to 8:45 for my show!
if you live in san francisco please come out and dance on saturday for Arabian Nights at Playboy.. i go on at 12:30am.. @ the Stud 9th and Harrison....

here's the setlist

grace jones - pars
ahmed fakroun - yo son (prince language edit)
dissidenten - fata morgana
ouiness - zina

MIC BREAK - yousef and his bagdah ensemble - elef leila wa leila

baligh hamdy - gazairia
mohammed el bakkar - port said
al debke al loubnanieh - maw samma bi lyam el sayt
shik shak shok

MIC BREAK - african head charge - dinosaur's lament

unknown artist - disco 82
omar khorshid - ah ya zen
raja - drum sequence
abdul hassan orchestra - arab disco
marrakesh orchestra - casbah boogie
miro miroe - nights of arabia
ritchie family - african queens

MIC BREAK - bandaly - ament belleh

lizzy mercier descloux - mission impossible
ofra haza -- galbi
dalida - salma y salma
monsoon - ever so lonely
la bionda - sandstorm
usha uthup - don't stop til you get enough
jodette - yatira tiri

MIC BREAK - dal'onah - el fanoun

fairuz - khattel kadamekan
konono #1 - lufuala ndonga

MP3 File

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


week 3! a goth/industrial/coldwave/EBM mix for pre-friday the 13th teenage reminiscing!

grace jones - she's lost control
sad lovers and giants - the things we never did
gene loves jezebel - shaving my neck
a certain ratio - all night party
virgin prunes - pagan love song

READBACK OVER throbbing gristle - the endless not

joy division - disorder
bauhaus - kick in the eye
liaisons dangereuses - peut etre pas
front 242 - controversy between
clan of xymox - stranger

READBACK OVER type o negative - black no. 1

kmfdm - dogma
malaria! - thrash me
ministry - we believe
no more - suicide commando
cabaret voltaire - nag nag nag

READBACK OVER p1/e 49 second romance

siouxsie and the banshees - conga conga
dark day - nudes in the fields
tubeway army - down in the park
skinny puppy - warlock
until december - bela lugosi's dead
q lazzarus - goodbye horses

READBACK OVER - dead can dance

tones on tail - lions
cocteau twins - domino

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Monday, July 02, 2007

slave to rhythm 6-27-07

week two went by smoothly.. a bit of minimal synthpop started things off just right.

here is the playlist!


grace jones - warm leatherette
sexual harassment - K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
the soft rider - the pool
human league - blind youth
absolute body control - the man i wanna be
wolfsheim - i don't love you anymore

READ BACK OVER angelo baldamenti - twin peaks

the cure - M
tobias bernstrup - trannies at night
swedes scandal - atmosphere
professor genius - notti bianche
black devil - the devil in us (en francais)
solid space - 10th planet

READ BACK OVER john carpenter - the end

myra ellen amos - balitmore
judee sill - jesus was a crossmaker
the great society - didnt think so
death sentence panda - shadow ghost
raccoo-oo-oon - behold secret kingdom
pink floyd - see emily play
th' faith healers - moona inna jonna
mika miko - attitude
divine - born to be cheap
latoya jackson - if you feel the funk
loose joints - tell you today
brigitte fontaine - comme a la radio

READ BACK OVER dead can dance - leather

sylvester and the hot band - friendship
voices of east harlem - right on be free
gina x - french life
the the - giant (pilooski edit)
roxy music - in every dream a heartache

READ BACK OVER can - mushroom

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