Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slave to the RADIO LINES set and mp3! vamp dance time!

A radio show that recreated a live set I played at the Radio Lines party for all of you who missed it or came out and danced.
Hope you take the time and do a vamp dance in yr room after downloading here:

http://www. westaddradio. com/slavetotherhythm/slavetorhythm-10-08-08. mp3

If you enjoy this type of music come hear me dj live on Saturday, November 1st at Edinburgh Castle Pub: 950 Geary btw Polk and Larkin for OUT COME ZE FREAKS!

Halloween post punk and mutant disco dance party, screening classic art damaged no wave film "Liquid Sky". Special guest DJ appearance Cole Palme, of one of the major post punk/experimental/industrial SF bands Factrix, who alongside with Tuxedomoon and co-collaborator Monte Cazazza defined the SF post punk sound of the late 70s and early 80s. Plenty of mutant disco from ZE Records, minimal european synth & cold wave, & post punk.

AND! come belly dance at the next installment of BIBI: MASQUERADE on Saturday October 25th at Cossu: 1516 Broadway at Polk

Come celebrate Halloween Queer Middle-Eastern Style!

tribute to john waters:
divine - female trouble theme
eileen barton - if i knew you were coming i'd bake a cake (new line cinema)
female trouble x-mas dialogue - cha cha heels!
radio lines set:
crash course in science - flying turns (minimal wave)
the glove - mouth to mouth (polydor)
nancy forturne & beta evers - nightmare machinery (simulacron)
secession - touch (part 3) (ars)
keine ahnung - plastik (int.
dj gigolo)
design - fashion & premonition (anna logue)
sad lover & giants - the things we never did (last movement)
hysteria passio - alone (fire in heart)
absolute body control - the man i wanna be (vinyl on demand)
dark day - arps carpet (lust/unlust)
tobias bernstrup - surround (wierd)
xymox - call it weird (metropolis)
xeno & oaklander - non senti (xanten)
drinking electricity - discord dance (survival)
2VM - placita (genetic)
MIC BREAK - carol - so low (dirty dance)
depeche mode - ice machine (mute)
anne clark - wallies (ink)
the isolators - concentrate on us (simulacron)
moev - rotting geraniums (go!)
tres - operator (flexi-pop)
jeff and jane hudson - help me (genetic)
the actor - picture 210 (trumpett)
fad gadget - lady shave (mute)
snowy red - the long run (antler)
18e oktober - sx oas (borft)
ruth - mots (born bad)
front 242 - lovely day (wax trax)
ministry - i'm falling (wax trax)
MIC BREAK - snowy red & carol - breakdown (antler)

Slave to the Rhythm
2nd & 4th Wednesdays
9-11 PM Pacific Standard Time
7 FM San Francisco
http://www. no-disco. blogspot. com
http://www. westaddradio. com/slavetotherhythm
http://www. westaddradio. com

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