Monday, December 14, 2009

Slave to the Rhythm - Best of 2009

back from a too long hiatus, my radio show, Slave to the Rhythm returns for a quick run down of the the BEST OF 2009!
squeezed into 2 hours of mostly music and little talking..
discover a new band and buy their records!


BEST OF 2009
edith massey & the evidence - fever (live on the sunset strip)
chain & the gang - trash talk (down with liberty...up with chains!)
the xx - crystalized (xx)
right thant - city lament - 7"
pajo - bullet (scream with me)
hope sandoval & the warm inventions - sets the blaze (through the devil softly)
yo la tengo - all your secrets (popular songs)
MIC BREAK - throbbing gristle - secluded (third mind movements)
the oh sees - enemy destruct (help)
sea lions- beautiful day - 7"
arrington de diynyso - nama bersembunyi (malaikat dan singa)
portishead - chase the tear (amnesty intl)
death domain - ethidum bromide - 7"
xeno & oaklander - sentinelle (sentinelle)
absent without leave - hello kitto - 7"
led er est - scissors (dust on common)
MIC BREAK - benard ferve - dali (the strange world of)
the golden filter - solid gold - 7"
yoko ono plastic ono band - the sun is down (between my head and the sky)
gesloten cirkel - swedish woman (s/t)
black meteoric star - world eater (death tunnel)
ken lazslo - hey hey guy (dancing together)
detroit in effect - nothing's like detroit (fm sucks)
dj overdose - time dicer (in for the kill)
MIC BREAK - moebius plank neumeier - all repro (zero set)
eleven pond - watching trees (bas relief)
alexandros - no place to run (data)
patrick cowley & jorge socarras - robot children (catholic)
cultural decay - end of the corridor (eight ways to start a day)
tomates electricos - telefono rojo - 7"
moderne - mercenaire solitare (l'esponne aimait la musique)
polyphonic size - rendezvous (saison 1979-1982)
e-man - jeg er modern (maskindans norsk synth 1980-1988)
MIC BREAK - hands of cain - the dagger in me (the only sound)

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Horror Adicta said...

please re upload this and if you have the Edith Massey & The Evidence album thanks