Friday, February 06, 2009

Persian Synthpop Mix

In anticipation of Bibi Love 2 I recorded a Persian/Iranian Synthpop mix last night. Just over 45 minutes of foreign synthesizers and drums galore! Next up is an Arabic 80s mix!

Persian Synthpop and Disco

MP3 File


Dariush & Ebi - Noon o Panir o Sabzi
Shahram & Shohreh - Telesm
Mahasti - Mitarsam
Sattar - Chaador Namaaz Gol Goli
Nahid - Delakam
Serjik - Doset Daram
Morteza Shayasteh - Baz Mano Kashti Rafti
Siavash - Nagou Keeieh
Viguen - Zaneh Irooni
Shahram Shabpareh - Deyar (Disco Version)
Zia - Ringo
Faramarz Asef - Siminbar
Aref - Ey Del


Robot Hustle said...

In the words of Helen Madden licensed Joyologist:

I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

Ben said...

so good!

fari bradley said...

Oh you are too GOOD!
Are you Iranian?
I love this thank you.

ASL? said...

this is awesome. i had a persian radio show on college radio for years at wmbr in massachusetts and this is the kind of stuff i'd play, but never mixed together. so, i think this is totally sweet. thanks.