Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slave to the Rhythm - BEST OF 2008 mp3 and tracklist!!!


here is my BEST OF 2008!!


discover some new bands and some old bands as well.. this show is over 3 hours long...ENJOY!!

Slave to the Rhythm - BEST OF 2008:
grace jones - williams blood (aeroplane remix)
watussi - purple moon (stickydisc)
medio mutante - inestable (cititrax)
novamen - lies (viewlexx)
rhythm based lovers - artic sun (frequNC)
the isolators - concentrate on us (simulacron)
jongblod feat.
sofia ER - disco nouveau (enfant terrible)
roboti - co-cain (hertz-schrittmacher)
tense - wrongside (self-released)
rude 66 - as (creme)
nosztalgia direktĂ­va - tegnapok (enfant terrible)
maja - if you love me tonight (nature)
beat broker - my way or the highway (flexx)
suizidfaktor - zuckerstaub (skull line)
beta evers - foreign control (nation)
november novelet - sacred man (galakthorro)
adn' crystall - politics (kernkrach)
house of stank - make you jack (dust traxx)
MIC BREAK - alpha sequenz - equilibrium (secondhand daylight)
mayer hawthorne & the county - just ain't gonna work out (stones throw)
jeremy jay - alpharhythm (k)
flexions - ex-boss (luckyhorse industries)
indian jewelry - temporary famine ship (lovepump united)
no age - eraser (sub pop)
portishead - magic doors (island)
huma - fermi mon amour (cult hero)
magnetic fields - too drunk to drink (nonesuch)
fabulous diamonds - untitled (siltbreeze)
mi ami - ark of the covenant (lovers rock)
white magic - new egypt (lattitudes)
wareika hill sounds - proverbs of proverbs (honest johns)
the breeders - german studies (4AD)
vivian girls - where do you run to (mauled by tigers)
new bloods - oh deadly nightshade (kill rock stars)
magic johnson - cocina cochina (olfactory)
we quit - artic (self-released)
hunx & his punx - gimme gimme back your love (rob's house)
octagon control - wangcepter (krazy keith)
led er est - fingers curling up (avant-god)
martial canterel - insides (xanten)
arnaud lazlaud - le malade roi (hertz-schrittmacher)
roland sebastian faber - molecular (aube)
ten little indians - tunnel vision (ick ick)
mount eerie with julie doiron & fred squire - flaming home (p.w.
elverum & sun)
grouper - heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping (type)
MIC BREAK - jonas reinhardt - jonas reinhardt (kranky)
experimental products - aviation (vinyl on demand)
land of giants - i got you babe (ebk-ink)
guerre eclair - un détournement d'avion (kernkrach)
sub muris - honesty (mix 1) (self released)
xoris perideraio - to aima de ginetai nero (eirkti)
fanzine - noches de fiesta (synth pop spain)
chandra - get it out of your system (candor)
animals and men - don't misbehave in the new age (mississippi)
nixe - e.o.
twst (polly magoo)
MIC BREAK - strange devotion - again the new formation (mauerstadtmusik)

Slave to the Rhythm
2nd & 4th Wednesdays
9-11 PM Pacific Standard Time
7 FM San Francisco

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