Monday, November 05, 2007

Slave to the Rhythm.. is HAUNTED

here is yr perfect halloween soundtrack.. play it all week please!! and spread the spooky tunes with yr friends!!! thanks to dj bearzbub for coming on and scaring me silly!!

download HERE

grace jones - cry now laugh later
ray lande & wade denning - halloween
klaus nomi - ding dong
death method - white rabbit
bollock brothers - horror movies
lydia lunch - spooky
iggy pop - funtime
MIC BREAK - john carpenter - halloween 3 theme
ministry - everyday is halloween
hammerhorror film radio spots - horror of dracula
john zacherle - coolest little monster
the five blobs - the blob
bill doggett - monster party
aural exciters - spooks in space
jimmy castor bunch - dracula
MIC BREAK - cerrone - supernature
skinny puppy - shadowcast
alien sex fiend - now i'm feeling zombified
M83 - car chase terror!
the cure - dressing up
rocky horror - over at the frankenstein place
siouxsie & the banshees - el dia de los muertos
mardi gras brass band - munsters' theme
L7 - monster
MIC BREAK - john carpenter - christine
nouvelle vague - bela lugosi's dead
tones on tail - movement of fear
galas y manson - i put a spell on you (dj girth edit)
goblin - tenebre
gene moss - monster goose rhymes
the cramps - zombie dance
maury laws - mad monster party
clan of xymox - theme II
kay starr - the headless horseman

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